UPS Headquarters.

Below you can find the complete list of UPS US Corporate Office and regional contacts, as well all relevant customer service phone numbers and social media pages.

We have also added the full UPS Executive Team, links to jobs and careers pages and many other UPS resources.

About UPS.

UPS (United Parcel Service) is the world’s leading provider of package delivery services. The company operates in over 200 countries and offers domestic and international package delivery, as well as freight and supply chain solutions.

UPS was established in 1907 under the name American Messenger Service. Initially, the company offered local messenger services in Seattle, and later on it expanded to the Midwest and the East Coast.

By 1975, UPS services were available in all the contiguous states and in Canada. Nowadays, UPS is a Fortune 50 company that employs more than 440,000 people and has 10 subsidiaries.

UPS Corporate Office Contacts.

Use the contact details below to contact UPS global quarters.

UPS Headquarters Phone Number.

UPS Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
From Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

UPS Headquarters Fax Number.

UPS Global Headquarters Address.
55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA, 30328

UPS Asia Pacific Region Headquarters Address.
UPS House
22 Changi South Avenue 2
Singapore, 486064.

UPS European Headquarters address.
UPS Europe
Avenue Ariane 5
1200 Brussels, Belgium.

UPS Americas and Caribbean Headquarters address.
UPS Americas and the Caribbean
3401 NW 67th Avenue, Bld. 805
Miami , FL 33122

UPS Headquarters
The U.P.S Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. U.P.S. employs about 1,000 people at its headquarters, and around 444,000 worldwide.

UPS Executive Team.

This is the complete list of UPS key leaders.

  • David P. Abney, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jim Barber, President of UPS International
  • Norman M. Brothers, Jr., Senior VP, Secretary & General Counsel
  • Teresa M. Finley, Chief Marketing & Business Services Officer
  • Alan Gershernhorn, Executive VP & Chief Commercial Officer
  • Myron Gray, President of US Operations
  • Kate Guttman, Senior VP (Worldwide Sales & Solutions)
  • Teri Plummer McClure, Senior VP (Labor) & Chief Officer (Human Resources)
  • Richard Peretz, Chief Financial Officer
  • Juan Perez, Chief Information Officer
  • Mark Wallace, Senior VP (Global Engineering & Sustainability)

UPS Board of Directors:

  • David P. Abney, Chairman of the Board
  • Rodney C. Adkins
  • Micheal J. Burns
  • William R. Johnson
  • Dr. Candace Kendle
  • Ann M. Livermore
  • Rudy H.P. Markham
  • Clark T. Randt, Jr.
  • John T. Stankey
  • Carol B. Tome
  • Kevin M. Warsh

UPS Careers and Jobs.

UPS has several country-specific Jobs & Careers pages. To view current vacancies in the United States, click here. The company’s careers site lists jobs in various areas of the logistics and transportation industry, from drivers and mechanics to professional roles in accounting, sales, finance, IT, marketing, or engineering. You can also use the Jobs-UPS page to browse part-time and seasonal roles at UPS or to apply online.

Other UPS jobs are added on daily basis to the company’s LinkedIn page.

You can contact the Human Resources department via their HR Email Form, if you are a job seeker with  a job related question.

UPS Human Resources.

The phone number for the UPS HR Department is 1-800-877-1508. The number is used for salary and employment verification by former and current employees. Several regional human resources offices with phone numbers are also available.

The UPS Employee Portal login page can be found at

How to complain to UPS.

The UPS Customer service toll-free number is 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS) for USA and Canada.

Callers located outside the US or Canada should dial +1-800-782-7892.

You can also email the UPS customer care team via the Email Form.

If your UPS complaint relates to a UPS Express Critical shipment, customer service representatives will assist you on +1-800-714-8779 , every day, 24/7. You can also contact them by e-mail at

Round-the-clock online help is also available via Twitter. Simply tweet at the handle @UPSHelp.

To file a claim about a shipment with UPS or to learn more about the claims resolution process, visit this page.

Other UPS customer service phone numbers:

Have a UPS Infonotice? Call: 1-800-833-9943

United Kingdom UPS Customer Service: +44 3457 877 877
Germany UPS Customer Service: +49 1806 882 663
India UPS Customer Service: 1800 22 7171 or 1800 102 7171

Freight Services.

Less than truckload (more than 150 lbs): 1-800-333-7400
Truckload (more than 12,000 lbs): 1-888-682-4652
Air Freight (more than 150 lbs): 1-800-443-6379
Ocean Freight: 1-800-350-8440

Trade Management.

International Import/Export Services: 1-800-782-7892
Supply Chain Solutions: 1-800-742-5727

Other UPS Resources.

Scroll down for additional online resources and alternative ways of contacting UPS.

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, UPS in the comment section.

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9 Thoughts on “UPS Headquarters”

  • I think that UPS has the worst service ever even there customer service sucks. Then when you call corporate office and I spoke to a Terry Miller supposedly Corporate Relations Manager who was also unwilling to help regarding delivery of package and obviously as she said she is as high as you can go she is top dog around there and just like the rest of their lazy employees she is unwilling to help a customer or do her job if she is what she says she is. I plan to let everyone I know about the poor service you get from ups go to fedex please at least they aren’t afraid to do their job.


  • ups is just terrible, one of the worst companies Ive ever dealt with next to AT&T.. Horrible support and I have never been lied to more by any company ever.


    Dear UPS HQ,
    Being the client of UPS in Russia we are really in trouble with the shipment came to UPS Moscow office 3 weeks ago – it’s still at customs clearance without any movement!
    We submitted all necessary documents to UPS customs clearance dept more than a week ago, but the issue is still there, no reply from UPS, neither customs release.
    These goods are very urgent and necessary for us and we wonder – how a world-known express courier company can have such an awful and not customer-oriented service in Russia?
    These brokers told us that the queen at UPS customs has been for a week of waiting only to have a look at customs papers!

    We still have a real hope that UPS Service can be better.

    Are we right?

    Below is our communication with broker and this is the contact of their head:
    Tatyana Lazarevich,
    Import brokerage supervisor
    LLC United Parcel Service (RUS)
    phone: 007-495-7452211 ext. 3-6305
    fax: 007-495-7457905


  • I doubt that I will ever use UPS again, I used there 2 day shipping and the package was late. Big difference 2 and 3 day delivery charge. Customer service is terrible, You are forced to talk to a person who does not have a good command of the English language. I was trying to get a refund difference between 2 day delivery and three day.
    The UPS person said I needed to go back store that I shipped from ? a 50 mile trip for me. I asked for a direct line
    phone number to the store to be able to talk to some one to resolve the problem with out driving 50 miles.
    I asked for his supervisor , he asked for my name and phone number, 3 minutes later the phone call was dropped.


  • Terrible customer service after the UPS driver tried to cover their tracks. How do you argue with the customer who is trying to resolve a problem and when asked to speak to the supervisor, they did not want to come to the phone. Customer service based and don’t have decent communication skills.


  • It is my firm belief that UPS dislikes white people, a package that was supposed to be delivered today the driver lied saying I refused the package and sent it back to the sender! This is not the first issue I’ve had with UPS drivers they treat white people with disrespect and disdain and UPS refuses to take any action against any non-white employee. UPS supervisor by the name of Michelle female black stated you don’t like it don’t use us, will do what we want and we ain’t getting fired. Real professional they make me sick


  • I have only used UPS twice, the second time they lost my package. Customer service was rude, they do not do follow up calls in regards to information or what they are doing to try and find your package. I will never ship with UPS ever nor will my friends or family due to this experience.


  • I have used UPS and has had no problems so far. Only thing I want though, is an option for weekend delivery or a precise, late evening time slot for delivery, as im never home during normal hours. I would happily pay extra for that.



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