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About Sprint.

Sprint is a telecommunications corporation that provides Internet and phone (mobile and landline) services in the United States. Sprint’s corporate history began in the late 19th century with the foundation of Brown Telephone Company in Kansas. Over the years, the company acquired other telecommunications firms and was renamed Sprint in 1982.

Some of Sprint’s services are provided via its subsidiaries: Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and I-wireless. Sprint currently employs more than 30,000 people and serves approximately 60 million residential and business customers.

Sprint Corporate Office Contacts.

You can contact Sprint’s Kansas headquarters by phone, e-mail, fax, or written mail using the contact details listed below:
Sprint Headquarters Phone Number.
+1-913-624-6000 / 1-800-829-0965

Sprint Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

Sprint Headquarters Fax Number.

Sprint Headquarters Address.
6200 Sprint Parkway. Overland Park,
Kansas, 66251

Sprint Headquarters Email Address.
info@sprint.com / executive.offices@sprint.com

Sprint Headquarters
The Sprint World Headquarters Campus consist of 17 buildings over 3,900,000-square-foot on 200 acres in Overland Park, Kansas. The complex serves as the corporate headquarters for the Sprint Corporation. and houses around 11000 Sprint employees, though some building has been sublet to outside companies.

Sprint Executive Team.

This is the complete list of Sprint’s key leaders.

  • Marcelo Claure, CEO
  • Ismat Aziz, Senior VP (Human Resources)
  • Kevin Crull, President (Omnichannel Sales)
  • Brandon Draper, President (Sprint Prepaid)
  • Jerry Gallegos, President (West Area)
  • Jan Geldmacher, President (Sprint Business)
  • Jorge Gracia, Senior VP & General Counsel
  • Kimberly Green-Kerr, VP & General Manager (Small & Medium Business)
  • Jaime Jones, President (West Area)
  • Doug Michelman, Senior VP (Corporate Communications)
  • Tracy Nola, Senior VP (Sales)
  • Gunther Ottendorfer, Chief Operating Officer (Technology)

Sprint Board of Directors:

  • Gordon M. Bethune
  • Raul Marcelo Claure
  • Patrick T. Doyle
  • Ronald D. Fisher
  • Julius Genachowski
  • Admiral Michael G. Mullen
  • Masayoshi Son
  • Sara Martinez Tucker

Sprint Careers and Jobs.

Careers information can be found here. This page lets you browse and apply to job openings in sales and retail, at the corporate headquarters, and at the company’s call center.

Opportunities for students and for technology experts are also listed here. You can also visit this LinkedIn page for more listings and to create job alerts.

How to complain to Sprint.

Sprint’s Customer Service team is available on +1-888-211-4727.

There is also a dedicated Sprint toll-free hotline: +1-800-777-4681.

Corporate customers can call +1-877-365-6413 (or +1-800-230-9709 for support in Spanish).

Additionally, Sprint’s live chat function is available here.

If you have a complaint related to prepaid services, you can contact the Sprint predpaid support team by calling +1-855-639-4644,

Fro Sprint wireless services, please call on +1-800-777-4681, for help.

Sprint broadband customers can phone +1-888-996-001 for customer care.

In addition, you can make complaints and receive assistance online via the Twitter Customer Care team (@sprintcare)

If you haveΒ  a specific question or issue, then make a search on the Sprint Community website, first. More than 1 million posts are listed and both customers and ompany representatives can chime in to answer any unsolved problem.

Other Sprint Resources.

Check the list of links below to find additional resources about Sprint and its various departments.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Sprint, in the comment section.

Sprint Headquarters
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10 Thoughts on “Sprint Headquarters”

  • I will be calling AGAIN for the 6TH time on May 23, 2017 for an issue that has yet to be resolved. I have been a loyal customer FOR 17 YEARS! IT’S A VERY EASY ISSUE. WHAT IS GOING ON?


  • boost/sprint my husband purchase a phone for me for mother’s day it is a boost/sprint no contract through HSN.com, he did not know it was on a boost plan for thirty30 days and now they trying to make him keep it for 12 months beginning June 1st poor customer services and rude employees ; I am a cancer patient and wanted to keep the phone if it is unlocked because all my doctors #’s are on the sims and it is with cricket but no just to get him to keep the boost they refuse to unlock the phone. As a matter of fact I am seeking an attorney as of Monday for the phone. US Louisiana women that have been in texas for a while dont play at all. I would not kiss boost mobile if they paid me $1 million dollars. If my phone is not unlock before 12 midnight Monday, then look out at channel 2 news station for my complaint.


  • Wow, so many people have the same issue with Sprint, my self was a customer since 2015, but I did switch to Verizon way better customer care, since day one issue happened, I have 10 line when I move over from ATT&T, it took Sprint over 5 months to pay off ATT&T, and the kid that work for Sprint who sign me up put insurance and other service on my account which I did not approve and split my 10 line into 2 different plan so my bill was doubled, after months of calling Sprint and even the store Manager couldn’t fix what that kid did so we got the area Director involved, after all the headache months after I sign up, finally they fix my account, hundreds of apologies don’t solve issue unless Sprint really do what they said, but it just got worse months in with Sprint, if anyone up grade or change phone within the 14 days always get screwed by them, I’m just like thousands of victim Sprint screwed over, the customer care team from Sprint does not care how are they called customer care? They should call “Passing the buck”, I do have all the documents and phone call references what Sprint did to me, and I even call the Corporate area Director is Colorado Spring 4 times in 2 weeks he never replied Wow great Customer service right, I have tried to help Sprint on the issue, called hundreds of times hours and hours on the phone with them got transfer to different departments after departments still the same, I think they just use a same script to all customers try to get different result it just stupid, I know for a fact their supervisor type in their system on my account is different than what they tell me to cover their own ass so on beginning of each call I ask for the reference number So my attorney can pull from court.
    If anyone go on the Sprint web site under corporate office contact, they put in all the nice and personal info about them and phone numbers, email address so people think they are there for the customers, but when you try to contact them all email is not valid and phone number just referred back to the same customer care team that don’t care about customers, waste of time!! Bottom line is don’t get Sprint you will regret it later, and if you do have sprint don’t upgrade because you will get screwed.
    I give up trying to contact anyone from Sprint upper management, I did everything I could but just don’t work, my thing for Sprint is” give what your customer what they sign up for, make any promises true if Sprint wants to promise any customer, fixing a issue from a $500 a months bill but is 7 to 8 hundreds different is not a credit because you care but is only to fix what your Sprint people did or system, so don’t tell your customers Sprint give them credit, in reality it just the different between what Sprint screw up vs what the real bill should be, that is the most difficult issue to make Sprint ” Passing the the Buck ” to understand.
    As of May 5th 2017 I don’t care how much money I spend on my attorneys, it’s now about letting the upper Management knows how bad their customer service is and yes I will make Sprint pay that is a promise, get ready Sprint, you mess with the wrong guy.


  • Sprint does NOT care. They are by far the worst phone carrier out there. All they care is about making money not about their customers. Report your issue straight with the better business bureau and write in every social media and sites about their poor service, so others can see and not make the same mistake of choosing them as their provider. THE WORST CUSTOMER CARE EVER!!!!


  • So now that I have choose to be done with sprint and the poor customer service they send me a bill for an obscene amount of money, I refuse to pay. I was told that when I wanted to cancel all I needed to do was return the phone and everything would be free and clear now they say I still owe money on my lease. If I am returning the phone why do I owe anything and why was I told that I wouldn’t have to pay anything now you want a ridiculous amount of money. Why are you not honoring what your rep told me. I have called to talk to countless people and no results. I ask for a number to corporate and they say they don’t have one someone will contact me within 48 hours. I have never dealt with such poor customer service


    • I’m having the same problem, why would I still pay for a phone someone else is going to lease? That’s a scam, 2 payments from 2 different people. I went in to get a good family plan, walked out thinking I had 5 lines for $90, plus my leasing agreement. I was told my bill should of been no more than $300, now they’re telling me I owe $430.07/mo and wants me to pay that even if I terminate my lines.


  • I’ve been trying to get a problem resolved since May 2016. I took an offer of a free android tablet in May 2016. I didn’t like the tablet so I returned it within the 14 allotted days to avoid an early termination fee. Sprint continued to charge me, for 9 months, for a data plan for a tablet I didn’t even have. Over the months I have spoken to 9 different people and spent several hours on the phone. In March 2017, I was told that the line was never cancelled, which the representative said was the fault of the order dept. I was promised (as promised before) this was taken care of. The solution was, I was to be given a credit of $135 on April 1, 2017 for all the data charges I had paid. So, the April bill arrived. Not only was I not given the credit, but I was charged $120 early termination fee for a mistake that Sprint had made by not cancelling the tablet as instructed. I have extensive notes on my account. Isn’t anyone reading them? Also, the $120 early termination fee put me over the $300 spending limit causing my phone to be shut off. Today, I called again. I asked for a number to call to complain about the service I’ve been given in hopes of talking to someone with higher power and gets this resolved. No luck. Instead I was told “I can help you”. The hour long call ended with “I’ve forwarded this to my manager and we’ll get back you in 48 hours”. I’ve been told that before. This is what I’m dealing with as a result of a mistake the company itself made. This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with any company. I’m contemplating seeking service elsewhere because at this point, I have no faith that this will be resolved. I don’t feel the representative care if it’s resolved or not. Now I’m left to pay the early termination fee that was their mistake or I’m sure my phone will be shut off again.


  • Three freaking hours on the phone with sprint today and 1.5 hours 3/31/17.😑😑😑😑 I was told I would receive a call back on 4/3/2017. Today is 4/7/17 still no call back. Therefore, I decided to call and three hours of my time was wasted. I have been with Sprint since 2005 and this is how they treat their customers. I am disgusted. I asked to speak with someone in the Office of the President, not possible. Sprint expects their customers to be loyal to them but have no loyalty for their customers. Someone needs to call me instantly and resolve my issue. It’s not my fault sprint did not do their due diligence by calling me back. Now the promotion ended and they telling me their is nothing that can be done. I’m not believing that something can alwayys be done. The issue is on Sprint not me😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑


  • I’m hoping this complaint will make an impact because I already contacted customer care and I admit the supervisor was very good and helpful (Victor), he promised to get someone to call me and take care of my request.
    I received a call yesterday from someone (800) 639-6111 but was not what I was expecting, the person that called me limited herself to listen (again) my story and after a while “she didn’t do anything” and sounds like she was someone from the local store or the dealer/franchise where I had the problem. (The call was not what I expected).
    β€’ Description of problems: I visited a Spring store in Vero Beach to upgrade two phones. Two days before we upgraded another phone in Orlando.
    After discussing the rate plan etc we confirmed that line +1 (305) 467-9626 will receive the upgrade and the phone was already purchased and my daughter will kept her phone.
    After that. We proceed to get details of my line (ending in 4431) and he asked me if I wanted to get the same kind of upgrade (128) and we agreed. Because we didn’t received a request regarding the old lease terms by the salesman regarding the buyout or similar questions, I went ahead and requested to have my phone upgraded with similar conditions that the lease chosen by my daughter (regarding memory and time of contract). We requested the info from our phones to be added to the new phones and the salesperson requested to comeback in about three hours.

    My surprise was that when we came back, the salesman after finishined with my daughter phone he proceed to ask me to delete all the information from my phone because the store needed to keep the phone. Of course I requested why.

    Beginning of the problem; he told me that the phone was on a lease and he needed to keep the phone. Obviously I asked why he didn’t mentioned that before while making the sale, he them “lied” by saying that he did asked me. I called my daughter (Laura Britton) and asked her in front of him if she remember he asking or mentioning something about trading my phone or similar comment and her answer was that he never told us anything about My phone line.
    A few minutes later I asked for the supervisor to address the issue because he told me that was nothing he could do to cancel the order.
    Then the supervisor which was in the other side of the store and working during the entire time with different customers told us “I listed when he asked if you want to keep the phone or not”.
    Now I’m not only having problem with my wasting of time at the store but having to waste additional precious time in getting ready for an overseas trip. In top of all this I was called a liar ….. “I AM A LIAR” and in front of my daughter.

    Other facts:
    β€’ I requested a copy of my old lease and I was refused to be given or showed to me.
    β€’ I asked for a copy of the new lease agreement from my daughter and he told me that I can only access the document online. Obviously that is not true because is a clear part of the LEASE AGREEMENT under NOTICE (You are entitled to a completed copy of this agreement). Clearly this sales person “mislead me again” and provided a wrong information.
    β€’ I asked for a copy of my old lease and he refused to give it to me, or to show it. I told him I wanted to check the time/date that passed since the end of my contract.
    Then he argued with me about that if the contract expired Spring can keep collecting indefinitely the “lease”. I told him that every lease have terms in how to proceed after the end of the lease ENDING THE LEASE AGREEMENT”.
    β€’ Important to mention that I never received a call, an email or SMS telling us about the ending of the contract. In the case of my daughter, she continued paying for her phone even after she finished paying for her.

    Another unsolved problem: while traveling abroad the Wifi-calling had some problems. While within the wifi and during a call, the local network charged me for roaming minutes (kindly see the bill from November or December in India and Mongolia).

    Another billing problem, when we returned via San Francisco I requested prior to our arrival (December 1) to change from Seasonal Standby to regular and toucan see double charges there.

    My request: to allow me to get my new upgrade without having to pay for any buyout or similar charges, get the additional credit and an apology.

    Robert Britton on behalf of Kati Britton



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