Microsoft Headquarters and Corporate Offices.

See all Microsoft Headquarter’s phone numbers, contact details and corporate office addresses.

The corporate headquarters, also know as the Microsoft Redmond campus, encompasses over 8 million ft2 (750,000 m2) of office space and has 30,000-40,000 employees.

Additional offices can be found in Bellevue and Issaquah. Microsoft is planning to expand their headquarter around 25% in 2017.

Microsoft Headquarters Contact Info.

If you want to contact the Microsoft Headquarters by mail, then you need to address all correspondence to:

Microsoft Corporate Office Address:

1 Microsoft Way,

Redmond, Washington 98052,

United States


Microsoft Visitors Center Address.

The Microsoft Visitor Center can reached at:

Microsoft Visitor Center

15010 NE 36th St. Redmond, WA 98052

United States


Microsoft Headquarters Phone Number:

Microsoft Corporate Office Number: +1-425-882-8080

Microsoft Corporate Office Fax Number: +1-425-706-7929

Microsoft Visitor Center phone number:  +1-425-703-6214.


Mircrosoft Flagship Store.

Microsoft largest store is located at:

Microsoft Store – Fifth Avenue

677 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022,

United States

Hours:  9AM–9PM

Phone Number: +1 212-824-3100


Microsoft Investor Relations Contacts.

Microsoft Investors Relations: E-mail:

Microsoft Investors Relations Phone Number:

(800) 285-7772 (United States)
(425) 706-4400 (International)

Microsoft Investors Relations Address:

Investor Relations Department
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052-6399


Microsoft Executive Team and Key Leaders.

The key leaders at the Microsoft headquarters include:

Satya Madella – Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Brummel – Executive Vice President

Chris Capossela – Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President

Amy Hood – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Qi Lu – Executive Vice President

Terry Myerson – Executive Vice President

Mark Penn – Executive Vice President

Eric Rudder – Executive Vice President

Harry Shum – Executive Vice President

Brad Smith – Executive Vice President

Kirill Tatarinov – Executive Vice President

B. Kevin Turner – Chief Operating Officer


The Microsoft Board of Directors.

Steven Ballmer

Dina Dublon

William Gates III

Maria Klawe

David Marquardt

G. Mason Morfit

Satya Madella

Charles Noski

Dr. Helmut Panke

John Thompson


Microsoft Brands and Trademarks.

Microsoft owns the following brand names :

  • Microsoft
  • MSN
  • Zune
  • Outlook
  • Xbox
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Skype
  • Windows.
  • Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS)
  • DirectX
  • Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Works
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • MSN TV
  • Microsoft SLPS
  • Virtual PC
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SideWinder
  • Microsoft Business Solutions
  • Microsoft Word
  • Nokia – a phone company
  • Skype
  • Rareware – video game development studio
  • 343 Industries – Video game developer, Halo series.
  • Mojang – a video game developer, Minecraft
  • Turn 10 Studios – Video Game development studio
  • Microsoft Studios – Video game development studio
  • Havok – Video Game physics engine.
  • CBS Interactive – Blogging platform
  • LinkedIn

Microsoft Jobs.

Microsoft has started a Jobs Search portal that lets you search for jobs in all countries and professions.

To search for a Microsoft Job offering, please visit Microsoft Job Search.

Microsoft Resources.

Microsoft Visitor Center

Microsoft Investors relations

Microsoft News Center

Microsoft Careers and Jobs

Microsoft Headquarters
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  • Skype has been hacked ny an adult website, as i am being charged by these people for the same amount Skype charges. This needs to be made public you allowed Skype to be hacked and stealing peoples credit cards and debit cards. I have had three charges in one month. You can’t even call Skype for customer service.


  • Hello all the People of the WORLD !!

    My Wife and I had to take my Wifes Computer to the MICROSOFT STORE in San Diego because a New UPDATE from Microsoft tried to Install on my Wifes Desktop PC .

    But it caused her PC to only show a BLACK Screen when booting to a ON Position .

    So WE had to take her PC to the Microsoft Store in San Diego to get it Repaired .

    After it was Repaired the Store called us and then they told ME !! that because I was the person who SIGNED the Incoming Repair Paper , that I was the ONLY person that could come to Pick up my Wifes PC ,, even though I am DIASABLED !

    WHY can’t my WIFE go to Pick up her Desktop PC ?

    Then whe I try to search the Internet for a Phone number for a Excutive or some person who has some POWER so they can call the MS Store in SAn Diego and tell that Store to give our PC to my Wife or even for the Store to send our PC to our Home by UPS ,, they give me the same answer every time ,, SIR !! you signed the Incoming Repair Order SO !! YOU !!!! must Pick up the PC not your WIFE , even though YOU !! are DISABLED !

    Does that sound like a NICE NORMAL Company or does it sound like a Company who has the POWER of GOD !!! and they do NOT care about any CUSTOMERS !!

    WOW !


    • I am also disabled. I bought a new pc and a month later it installed a whole new windows 10 1709 updated and it locked me out of everything. i had to have it reset back to manufactory way .. now ive had to do it three times now . a tech took control of my pc and he said he fixed it but yet at 10pm each night i have to keep disabling windows update so this wont happen . i shouldnt have to keep doing i t.. I do not want this on my pc and ive talked to alot of ppl and they are having the same problem. there is something hidden in the pc they put on here that allows microsoft to keep doing it over and over again.. they do this so you have to pay them to fix it. windows 10 1709/windows 10 creative is bogus and will ruin your pc. it has mine . no sense in treating ppl like this.


  • Can someone at Microsoft please help: I am locked out of my computer by a nameless company that wants me to pay $99 to get back the use of my computer. They claim to be Microsoft Online Technical Support. The people who answer the phone are East Asian Indians and they are very snotty. They refuse to give me the name or location of the company. The number they give is 888-258-6033.
    Thank you.


    • You’re lucky. These same crooks wanted $199 to release my computer from their hands. Only after telling them I was notifying the FBI and using their phone number as contact info, did they relent. They ARE NOT working for Microsoft. They misidentify themselves as such, but are just Ransom ware pirates.


  • I sincerely hope that micro tech support, is one of
    your subs for servicing micro soft. As my computer
    was blocked and their number to call listed.


  • Obama should give his birth certificate to microsoft nobody would be able to get any info on it, cant even get a live person except a MORON at corp customer who transfers you before hearing what you have to say (212-824-3100) keep pressing O,try it yourself


  • Horrible customer service. Tried to cancel on 3 separate occasions in both 2016 and 2017, but yet the Microsoft representatives did not do what they were supposed to. Now I’m out $151.18 and they won’t refund me even though they made the mistake.


  • during a presentation my windows 10 decided to do a update that has lasted over an hour WHY??? why can’t update be done during the hours of 12am to 6 am OR why can’t we be asked if we want to update now or given a choice. Iam LIVID, if I lose this client because of your poorly written windows 10 I plan to call my attorney. at this time it is only 52% done I’m a 100% done with Microsoft and believe me One angry customer will tell 10 people and those 10 will tell 10 more and on and on until over thousands are made aware Or maybe I will post this on Face Book When I called the Tech hot line it went dead before I could speak to any one and was told there was a 30 minute wait Forget the Corporate phone recording I can’t convey my angry feeling about this strong enough


  • Yahoo? Why not notify mail customers BEFORE you mess up the site? Being sent on circular non-helpful ‘Help’ treadmill trying to access account buried in my account. Yahoo refuses to connect, refuses to reply, refuses refuses refuses. Let me in, so I can get out. Quit holding my communication hostage for who knows what end?



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