McDonalds Customer Service Phone Numbers.

If you have a complaint, a question or if you are seeking information about McDonald’s products, then there are several ways to contact their customer service department.

McDonalds Customer Service Phone Number.

McDonald’s primary Customer Care phone Number is:


The average waiting time is 3 minutes.

The call center hours are: 7am-7pm CST, 7 days a week.

McDonald’s have an extensive Help Page, that lists questions and answers to most of the questions that you may have.

McDonald’s Customer Service Address.

If you want to contact the USA customer service department in writing, then write to:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr.,
Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA

How to complain to McDonald’s.

If you want to complain about a meail or product, then your first port of call should always be your local McDonald’s restaurant, where you bought the meal. Ask to speak to the manager, and the issue can usually be easily resolved. Often, you will be offered a replacement meal.

If you want to speak to customer service, then call 1-800-244-6227. Press 1 and then say “its something else”, then say “It’s none of these”.

McDonald’s is also very active on Twitter, and if you contact them through this channel, they usually respond quickly.

Tweet your issue to:


For customer service, tweet to @Reachout_mcd.

For global questions, please tweet to @McDonaldsCorp.

McDonalds Resources.

Find Local Jobs at McDonalds

McDonalds Contact Us-USA

McDonalds Contact Us-UK

McDonalds Investors Relations

McDonalds International Websites

McDonalds on Facebook

McDonalds on Twitter

Please share your experiences with McDonalds Customer Service Department, in the comment section.

McDonalds Customer Service Phone Number
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7 Thoughts on “McDonalds Customer Service Phone Number”

  • This is in regards to the McCafe coffee pods. I love your coffee so I bought your pods for my single serve Knox coffee pot that uses Keurig type pods (I have used several brands already). The top of the pod on the McCafe came loose from the cup portion and those very fine grounds went into my coffee pot (somewhere). This is the third time the pods have come apart but the first time it jammed this new pot. However, my regular Keurig pot stopped working too, pods came apart 2 different times with that pot too. Needless to say, NO MORE MCCAFE COFFEE PODS FOR ME! This new pot is ruined and possibly your pods were the cause of my Keurig ceasing to work. Wanted you to know that some of your product isn’t functioning properly.


  • Greensburg indiana mcdonalds. I went through drive through the guy or girl dana, totally ignored mw. wouldnt take my money just looked at me, then turns his back into the window like he is bullying im serious like a little baby. this should be all on video cause im getting a lawyer on this. not sure why he did all this but it wasnt right. so the next window i pull up the girl took my money and said they have problems with this person all the time. haha. why would u keep some on like that?. man seriously. it was,awkward, but anyhow this has got to be made up to me this time. I have complained one other time but i did not ask for nothing. It was this same Mcdonalds also, but this time you need to make this right


  • Hi , I’m Youssef Samuel from Cairo, Egypt
    I’m Sending my complaint cause i already placed my complaint in Egypt 3 times
    1 by calling customer service
    2 by sending a message on fb page
    3 by sending a complaint to Mcdonalds email.
    that was on Thursday 12/1/2017 and till now didn’t get any response .

    I received my order to late (after 1:05 hour) also it was not the right order,The customer service agent here in Egypt was very rude, after a long discussion they have only one option that i have to wait for another hour to change the order (nothing about respecting time or customer) .
    they refuse any way to compensate .
    I asked to talk to the customer service manager they told me he’s unavailable now ,and they don’t care .
    I wonder how a huge international company like McDonalds have the worst customer service i ever met .
    I think it’s the last time to me ordering McDonalds , as they don’t respect the customer at all here in Egypt .


  • I was on drive thru and didnt know it was close to closing time. I was deciding what i wanted and the lady on drive thru told me to hurry up because they had 3 minutes to close. Really rude
    Hemet Mcdonalds, in front of mall


  • This is like the #10 email ,many phone call and I dont resive a solucion …on dec 21 I eat a big mac 1/2 whit the bread mold ..I was in the hospital for poison food..when I try to talk whit the manager he refused.they dont return my money …and I dont have an answer……I have the receive and foto and the hamburger to proof..


    • Sonia, this is like the #10 email ,many phone call and I dont receive a solucion …on dec 21 I eat a big mac 1/2 whit the bread mold ..I was in the hospital for poison food..when I try to talk with the manager he refused.they dont return my money …and I dont have an answer……I have the receive and foto and the hamburger to 5908 w.manchester ave los angeles ca 90045 …store # 33995


  • My order number is 326 of the seal from store 78 in villa park ill. I bought 1 sau egg McGriddel and my complain is that they made my sandwich wrong instead of sausage they gave me beacon and I called 5 Times to report the complain and they did not respond to me once that why I’m doing this complain in this message



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