CVS Headquarters.

Everything you need to know about CVS Health, their corporate office and their customer service operations.

We have provided all available contact details for the company’s main departments, including the CVS Customer Service phone numbers, CVS Corporate Office address, Investor, Media Relations, and Careers pages, as well as a detailed guide on how to complaint to CVS and CVS Caremark.

About CVS.

CVS Health is a Rhode Island corporation that was established in 1996, although its origins can be traced back to the 1960s, when Melville Corporation / Consumer Value Store began selling health and beauty products in Massachusetts. The company expanded considerably during the 80s, when it became one of the largest pharmacy chains in the US.

CVS is now a public Fortune 500 company with more than 9,500 stores across 49 states. The company has several subsidiaries, including CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark, and Omnicare.

CVS Corporate Office Contacts.

Use the contact details below to reach the CVS corporate headquarters in Rhode Island:

CVS Headquarters Phone Number.

CVS Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

CVS Headquarters Address.
1 CVS Drive, Woonsocket,
Rhode Island, 02895

cvs headquarters
CVS Headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. CVS Health and CVS Caremark are Rhode Island’s largest private employers with around 6000 employees located across the state.

CVS Executive Team.

The is the complete leadership team at CVS.

  • Larry J. Merlo, President and CEO
  • David M. Denton, Chief Financial Officer
  • Helena B. Foulkes, Executive VP (CVS Health) and President (CVS Pharmacy)
  • Jonathan C. Roberts, President (CVS Caremark)
  • Troyen Brennan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
  • Thomas M. Moriarty, General Counsel and Health Strategy Officer
  • Robert O. Kraft, Executive VP (Omnicare)
  • Lisa Bisaccia, Executive VP (Human Resources)
  • Andrew J. Sussman, M.D., President (MinuteClinic)
  • Stephen J. Gold, Chief Information Officer
  • J. David Joyner, Executive VP (Sales and Marketing)
  • Per Lofberg, Executive VP (CVS Health)
  • Eva Boratto, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

CVS Board of Directors:

  • Richard M. Bracken
  • C. David Brown II
  • Alecia A. Decoudreaux
  • Nancy-Ann Deparle
  • David W. Dorman
  • Anne M. Finucane
  • Larry J. Merlo
  • Jean-Pierre Millon
  • Richard J. Swift
  • William C. Weldon
  • Tony L. White

CVS Careers and Jobs.

Visit this page to browse the current retail job openings with CVS. The page includes links to other opportunities in retail store management, pharmacy internships and store leadership internships.

The CVS Health LinkedIn page also lists the top US-based jobs at CVS. Nurses and physicians can email the HR team at to enquire about job opportunities.

How to complain to CVS.

Call 1-800-746-7287 to reach the CVS Customer Service. Contact customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST).

If your complaint is related to website and account problems or prescription management, you can call 1-888-607-4287 anytime between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. (Monday-Friday) and 8.30 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekends.

Written complaints can be sent to:

CVS Corporation, Customer Relations, One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895.

An email form is available here and complaints sent using this method are usually replied to within 5 business days. Alternatively, you can send an email to, if you have an issue, question or complaint.

Another fast solution for CVS Pharmacy customers is to tweet your issue at the handle @CVS_Extra here.

Omnicare Contacts.

Omnicare is a subsidiary of CVS Health and you can write to the at:

Omnicare, Inc. Corporate Offices
900 Omnicare Center
201 East Fourth Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

The Omnicare Phone Number is: 1-800-990-6664

Existing customers can also reach Omnicare by emailing:

CVS Caremark Contacts.

For questions regarding Caremark prescription benefits, you can call the Caremark Customer Care toll-free phone number at 1-800-552-8159. For technical support, please call toll-free at 1-877-460-7766.

You can also write directly the CVS Caremark at:

CVS Caremark
Customer Care Correspondence
PO Box 6590
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-6590

CVS Caremark  also has a customer service email form available. Provide an email address or aphone number, if you want to be contacted by a Caremark representative.

Other CVS Resources.

Here you will find a compilation of additional CVS resources to help you find the right contact / department at this healthcare corporation:

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about CVS and CVS Caremark, in the comment section.

CVS Headquarters
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  • 08/08/18: Following sent to CVS this date

    1. Feb 27, 2018 purchase made at CVS (West St., Pittsfield, MA 01201). Check (#7076 cleared bank (Greylock Federal Credit Union, Pittsfield, MA 01201) Feb 28, 2018. SAME check posted at bank on Jul 12, 2018.
    2. Aug 03, 2018:
    a) Called CVS to advice of duplicate posting. Assigned Ref. # 9462335 by Nicole.
    b) Notified bank of duplicate posting. Bank representative called CVS and was told issue had been referred to their “Treasury” department.
    4. Aug 07, 2018:
    a) Called CVS (8007467287) citing reference # 9462335. Told to call CVS (8003661049). This number forwarded me to TELE-CHECK.
    b) Called TELE-CHECK (8882880131). Was given a new reference # (16258749) and told to call TRS Recovery Services.
    c) Called TRS Recovery Services (8003661048). Received telephone run around.
    Not only has this issue resulted in my checking account being rendered useless, it has caused humiliation and embarrasment at a checkout line in another store.
    Proof of resolution required. Please use EMAIL.


  • I’m a healthy senior citizen, I have find out just few months ago that I am a type two diabetic,
    As per my doctor recommendation I Purchased a glucose meter from CVS ( with CVS name on the Device printed) after reading the Guide I still had a problem with the display number and still getting error message on it.
    This morning I went to my local CVS in Westlake Village Ca on Agura road and ask & meet the( Asian) shift pharmacist,
    She was absolutely rude and unpleasant and after a few seconds she put her back to me and walk away without
    really trying to help me.
    After meeting with the store Manger, he took me to a unit clinic ( I have never see at any other drugstore RX)
    Introduce me to a very very professional and sweet lady Kelly, It was like a day and night at the same store a differents between two employees of CVS .
    Kelly Was able to show me that to not fear and do the advanced glucose testing myself and how to read to me after 10 minutes of caring and compassion of Kelly I was so happy that I learn to check my sugar level and helpfully manage and control my diabetic .
    Thank you CVS for having staff like Steve and specially Kelly on your team.
    I thanks Kelly form bottom of my heart.
    Sean Westllake Village Ca.


  • 303 Franklin Ave
    Wyckoff NJ 07481
    United States
    Today, Tuesday, Dec.12,2017
    I had a very unpleasant experience in this store. Usually the staff is very attentive and courteous, but this evening around 8-8:30pm, this CVS employee, with no name tag , the manager I guess (because the other employees were kinda shy too to ask her questions) was treating me and other 2 customers very very rude , not professional at all! She has blond hair, up to the shoulders, wearing today an orange top, I think s smile will make a prettier too. This happened in photo area . First she was with no patience
    and no kindness whatsoever to help a poor old foreign person with some pictures that he was trying to buy. I heard her saying “ I can’t , I cannot deal with him anymore “ …Then another lady that was selecting pictures too, was kinda scared and shy , seeing the atitude she had with the person before her , wanted to asker something , and this CVS lady didn’t even pay attention or have the sales person right attitude… then It was me selecting pictures and witnessed all above, and my turn came … asking her to help me with a store credit … she made faces, asked another cvs employee to help me, the way she looked at me and behaved, made me feel like I didn’t want to be in that store ever, if this lady is around, or she’ll not get the right training or something ! I couldn’t take her attitude anymore and I told her respectfully that I don’t appreciate at all her behavior with me and others, and I rather call the corporate then to deal in CVS store at the time.
    I left buying nothing, and I would reconsider buying at CVS .
    I love CVS as a store, but this employee is representing CVS and should respect the clients as much she will want to be respected in every other store .. I hope this lady will get that proper training, and will get better on her job.


  • I went to orientation on October 13th from 9;00 am – 2:00 pm, then went to the store I was to work at and did my computer training on the 16th and 17th both days from 9:00 am – 5:00pm. I never heard anything back from the store regarding my work schedule. I called the store on October 20th and asked to speak to the manager and was told he wasn’t there. I left a message for him to please call me back. He called today, October 22, to tell me my schedule, but I already went and applied and got another job. Shame on CVS, their so worried about the CUSTOMER, but forget about their EMPLOYEES. I shouldn’t have had to chase them down to get a schedule, THAT is NOT my job. The store itself is in great need of better security as it is located in a rough part of town and they only have, at the most 3 employees working at one time. BAD MANAGEMENT. I’m glad I won’t be working there!


  • Very disappointed on CVS -Main st Tipp City Oh. Upon our Mother getting out of Rehab. Four prescriptions were called into the pharmacy from Rehab facility . (One prescription) was filled incorrectly. The amount for the tablet was filled by the Pharmacy at 25 mg , which was suppose to be 125mg. Which we did not discover until later. Upon talking to the Pharmacy, they admitted to it being filled incorrectly. Needless to say, we were pretty upset about this. Upon talking to CVS, they were let know this fact. Have asked what, is going to be done to, make sure that this does not have to anyone again. They just kept advising how sorry they was. Would like to make sure that they do indeed, follow up on this. Have called and spoken to Corporate, they are to call.. NO call yet. Also, Manager is suppose to get with up from the Tipp city store–NO Call yet Our MOTHER may be just another person to CVS, but we care very deeply about her.


  • I have called the corporate office and spoke with someone on 4-14-17 and was told I would be called back in 2 hours.. This was said because they take customer matters seriously. I had not heard from them on 4-17-17 and called back.. I was told again they would call me back and was pushing my concern to the regional manager of my area. Laugh again because it is now 4-24-17 and I have heard from no one.. This whole matter was over a recall issued by CVS regarding my son’s epipen. I took matters into my own hands and went the ridiculous route to get him another pen.. When I went to get the new one your company charged my insurance and tried to charge me again for the pen, that you recalled. The worst company service. We will not be using CVS again, which I often frequent being right outside my subdivision. I realize a company this size does not really care that my little 3 person will not be using your store but I will take the opportunity to let everyone I know to avoid CVS if they can.


  • The employees at my CVS at 978 Boylston Street in Newton, Massachusetts are undoubtedly the most competent and caring team I’ve ever dealt with- including other local CVS stores. I need to fill many prescriptions each month and they always go the extra mile to make things go smoothly for me for refills that require renewal or if issues come up with my doctor. I am always greeted by name with very friendly service and feel very supported by this team who seem to genuinely care about my well-being. I so appreciate these people – especially Helen and Maxi who go above and beyond- for such outstanding service and care. Thank you to this excellent CVSPharmacy team.


  • What is wrong with your return and buying system.Problem on feb 16 at I bought Osteo Trp with D at San Marcos S Rancho and hair spray for a friend. I discovered the Osteo was wrong as hair spray. On feb CVS Twin Oaks I had my receipt gave it and items to cashier Jody. Found correct Osteo. She proceeds to tell me they all have to be separate transcation, WHY return 2 items charge for one refund of hair spray on my debit card. Now my debit card decides I using it to much and will not let finish, so I have to use a charge card. And all this of course held up the line, of which I apologized to your customers.Manager had become a cashier, could not express to her my concern.


  • I am on 2 different kind of pain meds plus gaba pentin for nerve pain. I am so sick of the employees that look at my profile & see this then tell me they are out of stock & will have it “sometime next week”. I am disabled & am physically & emotionally tired of running to 5-6 different branches to fill my meds. It is illegal to refuse to fill a legal prescription. I am filing a complaint with the ADA (Americans
    w/Disabilities Act) & I encourage others who face the same circumstances to do the same. Since when do employees decide what med you should have, unless they don’t mix with a med you’re on? I have been on the same meds for 10+ years and ever since the CDC put out the new guidelines, many people including myself find themselves in the same boat month after month & I for one am tired of it. And by the way, a store can order meds overnight so why all the lies & deception? It’s funny how I was told this before & a couple times I took the script back the next day when another employee was there & had no problem filling it.I have the most problems w/the CVS located at 25 E Red Bank Ave, Woodbury NJ 08096 with the employee Norm being the worst culprit. The other store that is almost just as bad is the CVS on RTE 45 in W. Deptford NJ




    • Karla & Scott…. According to the ADA (American Disability Act) it is a violation of your civil rights to be refused to fill a legal prescription. You can look into filing a complaint at the ADA website here is some info, hope it helps….. If a patient is disabled as determined by Social Security/Medicare, or private insurance disability insurance the patients is covered under ADA( American Disability Act). The ADA parallels the Civil Rights Act of 1964. People w/disabilities CANNOT be discriminated against because of their disability.The failure of the pharmacist/pharmacy to fill your valid/on time control medication prescriptions is a violation of the patients civil rights under the ADA. This may happen because of the pharmacy’s policies, the Pharmacist’s “professional discretion” or the wholesaler’s rationing the amount of controlled medications they can purchase.Only the patients can help rectify these issues by filing complaints with a couple governmental agencies. The patient does not need an attorney but go to the listed web-sites & file a complaint form. Besides an ADA violation the permit holder/store owner,Pharmacist in charge, Pharmacist refusing to fill prescriptions & wholesaler are all licensed by the various State Board of Pharmacy & it is recommended that a complaint for unprofessional conduct be filed against each w/the appropriate Board of Pharmacy, Some believe that they are in essence “practising medicine” a complaint to the State Medical Board may be appropriate. If the RX department staff has disclosed some of your Private Health Information (PHI)in a manner someone else could hear you may be able to file a HIPAA complaint. Here are some links: Board of Pharmacy link - ADA complaint form and/or HIPAA complaint form www. – Medical Licensing Boards- www. Here are the 3 drug wholesalers who have elected to arbitrarily establish which each pharmacy can buy of controlled medications: Mc Kesson Corporate Headquarters One Post Street San Francisco CA 94104 (415) 983-8300, Cardinal Health 7000 Cardinal Place Dublin OH 43017 (614) 757-5000, AmerisourceBergen Corporation P.O. Box 959 Valley Forge PA 19482 (610)727-7000


  • We signed up for your redifill prescriptions at our local cvs in Moreno Valley. They can’t get our orders right yet! Have to keep going back to cvs! Is this false advertisement or what. We may have to choose another pharmacy since they can’t get the orders correct!


  • Please address the absolute mess that has become of your store located at 20 Broadway in Massapequa, New York. It is dirty, shelves not stocked, expired food items, and NO cashiers! Help! !



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