Burger King Headquarters.

List of corporate contacts and facilities.

Burger King is a multinational fast food chain headquartered Florida, where it was founded back in 1953 under the name Insta-Burger King.

Initially, the company did not achieve much success, but this changed after undergoing renaming and re-structuring during the 1950s and 1960s, when the company expanded internationally, first in Canada and then in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America.

Burger King went public in 2002, and during the following years much effort was put into re-branding and redesigning the menu.

Nowadays, Burger King owns over 40 subsidiaries and has more than 15,000 restaurants around the world, which serve 11 million customers a day.

Burger King Corporate Office Contacts.

Burger King’s global headquarters can be reached by phone and postal mail.

Find their contact details below.

Burger King Corporation Headquarters Phone Number.

Burger King Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Burger King Email Address.
Contact the Burger King customer service by emailing to support@bk.com.

Burger King Corporation Headquarters Address:

Burger King Headquarters
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive.
Miami, FL, 33126

Burger King Executive Team.

This is the full list of Burger King’s corporate leaders.

  • Daniel S. Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joshua Kobza, Chief Financial Officer
  • Azel Schwan, Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Heitor Goncalves, Chief Information, Performance & People Officer
  • Alexandre Macedo, President of Burger King North America
  • Jose E Cil, President of Burger King Europe
  • Jose Dias, President of Burger King Latin America & Global Development VP
  • Elias Diaz Sese, President of Burger King Asia Pacific
  • Rodrigo Musiello, Global Operations
  • Jill Granat, Secretary & General Counsel
  • Jacqueline Friesner, Chief Accounting Office & Controller

Burger King Board of Directors:

  • Alexandre Behring, Executiev Chairman
  • Marc Caira
  • Martin E. Franklin
  • Paul J. Fribourg
  • Ali Hedayat
  • Neil Golden
  • Thomas V. Milroy
  • Roberto Moses Thompson Motta
  • Daniel S. Schwartz
  • Carlos Alberto Sicupira
  • Cecilia Sicupira
  • Alexandre Van Damme

Burger King Careers and Jobs.

Burger King has created a webpage where you can browse existing opportunities at the company. Job listings are classified into campus vacancies for students and graduates, in-restaurant jobs, and professional roles.

Once you have found a suitable vacancy, you can apply to jobs online via this page.

How to complain to Burger King.

Burger King’s Customer Service Department can be reached by phone on +1-866-394-2493. Customer Service agents are ready to receive calls and handle complaints daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CST).

Burger King also operate a Feedback Page, where you can provide feedback or complaints about products, services, the mobile app, and more. Click on ‘Leave us a message’ to get to the feedback form. Product and service feedback is anonymous, whereas enquiries about the BK Crown Card or BK Mobile App requires you to leave you name and email address.

The company also has an official support page on Twitter (Twee at the handle @BurgerKingCares), where you can contact customer care agents 24/7.

Other Burger King Resources.

A comprehensive list of additional contact details and resources can be found below:

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13 Thoughts on “Burger King Headquarters”

  • I have a complaint about Burger King, again, which most likely go ignored, AGAIN. We live in a small town, with only one BK. My husband and I both must watch what we eat, but we love the grilled chicken. The last two times I have purchased the meals, including tonight, WERE HORRIABLE. Both times, I ordered grilled, got crispy. Ordered mustard on one, other as norm. Onion rings, not ff for both. On both occassions theborders were wrong. Our sandwiches (CRISPY NOT GRILLED BTW) were absent ofcany flavor, VERY LITTLE mustard ob kne, nothing on second, and smattering of kettuce The chicken was all but cold. I got french fries even though clearly on ticket my order looks right. Asked for ketchup, twice, was told in the bag, NOT. The first incident I called corporate to complain. Was to send ne coupons and have the local mgr call me. Neither happened. I was leary of giving another chance. BUT AGAIN was disappointed.


  • I have a simple request. In order to compete with McDonalds Grand Mac I think Burger king should bring back the Whaler. Its the big fish sandwich Burger King made back in the 70s. It was as large as the Whopper. It was a lot better than the fish you have now. I loved it with cheese.


  • To who it may concern,

    Yesterday,  (Sunday, June 25, 2017) my daughter (Stephanie Hebert) and granddaughter (Samantha) went to one of your restaurants for supper and play time.  (Hwy#24 Cambridge)  
    After purchasing their food, they went to the playroom. 
    When finished and leaving, my granddaughter accidently opened the metal playroom door over her foot. It dragged across her large toe  and ripped the nail from her toe.  
    Immediately my granddaughter was screaming and crying.   At no time was there any confusion about her being injured…she WAS! 
    My daughter ran to the counter to ask for bandages as my granddaughters toe was obviously hurt and bleeding. 
    My daughter also was  evidently upset. The person at the counter asked her to wait and told her they would be with her in a minute to which my daughter replied with NO, I need bandages NOW.   The counter person said they would first need to get their manager as the first aid kit is locked up!!?!?  
    I’m sure Health and Safety would have some concerns over that! 
    My daughter then told the person on grill to go get bandages now!!! 
    An employee returned to the counter with 1 (ONE) bandage and handed it to my daughter, without saying a word, turned around and walked away.‎
    This is disgusting!  
    A patron that was eating in the restaurant assisted my daughter by holding the door and helping her take my granddaughter to the car…
    I am besides myself with the lack of concern and care of your restaurant and employees.

    Why would this interior metal door that does not sit flush with the floor not have a rubber/vinyl door sweep under it?

    My granddaughter is missing her kindergarten graduation celebration this morning as she can’t walk on her foot and is in extreme pain.‎

    She will also have to miss her dance recital at The Dunfield Theatre on Friday this week. ‎ (costume $75.00 /tickets $85.00) ‎
    She will obviously not be dancing for a while (Meyerhofer Dance Academy) and that’s another financial loss as you pay in advance.

    Irregardless of the financial loss my daughter has incurred because of this, my granddaughter was injured on your property and NOT ONE employee was concerned!

    This is absolutely unacceptable and neglignent.

    Nancy Herbert


  • The location in Hickory NC on Springs Road , I had the worst experience ever in the food industry! The “manager” not sure of first name, pretty sure last name is Wilfong has the most nasty attitude. She was so rude and disrespectful when asked for an extra napkin to wipe off a drink she handed to me and an additional sauce. So I told her that she didn’t have to be rude & where is her customer service? After going back and forth with her, I told her how rude to argue with me over nothing at all, why is she so unhappy at work? She is alive, damn. stop being so bitchy.. She then told me ” your mother”. I recently lost my mom. She didn’t know this. But as a “manager” why be so rude initially and then be childish and mention my mother who happens to be deceased. I went inside & told her about herself. I cannot believe this happened! I cannot believe she would have a position in management at all!
    I will never spend my money there! I will spread this until she is GONE! Social media, news!


  • Thursday evening i visited the Fortuna Road store in Yuma Arizona that evening i suffered an extreme case of food poisoning lasting all weekend. A group of about 20 students from buckeye jr high basketball team were in line behind me, hoping none of them got sick. You must check your products or the oil, i always loved Burger King but it will probably not see me again as the experience was not pleasant. I dont like being sick or hospitals, horrible experience.


  • I usually like BK whoppers, I went and got one today on my lunch at work and actually couldn’t even eat it when I got back. It was so disgustingly wet with virtually no lettuce the amount of Ketchup and mayo and water that ran out of this thing made the bun completely inedible, it was literally disgusting. I threw it out, that burger cost me 9 dollars without the meal.. It wasn’t feed to feed a dog, I totally wasted 9 dollars, I could have went virtually anywhere else and been satisfied. Has BK gone that far downhill, Come on. I really hate the thought of not having a decent burger from BK again but my common sense must prevail here, was it all an illusion? Mountain Rd Moncton , New Brunswick Canada store outlet, burger purchased at 12:00 Atlantic time on 3/5/17..wow. too make this even better , your website won’t even let me submit the form on “the official website” ,lol..nice..so disappointed in Burger King. Bye Bye BK 🙁


  • I would like to be contacted for a major issue that has been going on recently with my employer, (Burger King, store #18614). I feel that I am being neglected as an employee, I have not had any disciplineary infractions and I do everything that I am told. They are taking away my hours and ignoring me when I ask what days I am scheduled to work. I feel as if management is trying to get rid of me without actually terminating me, for fear of legal repercussions. Please take this into consideration I would greatly appreciate your help, thank you.


  • I work I burger king on 411 eustis fl.32726 my dm boss yelled at me because tell her I can’t work past 10pm I have baby satander watch my two month son while im working. She needs be fired.


  • I visited one of your burger king in Danville va, the food was great and the people behind the counter was great, what made me mad ,was they had the tv on CNN , and I’m sick of the fake news, and CNN bashing are president , I couldn’t eat fast enough to get out, I will not go back to burger king for that reason, maybe you should put on the weather channel,


  • I would like to comment that I have been trying to get my w2 forms and the store manager at sore 13065 in Derry Nh not very helpful. When I called and asked about it i got hung up on.


  • I would like to be contacted ASAP about a issue I’ve had with store #23300 since Jan 14 about customer service and food.



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