Best Buy Headquarters.

Best Buy’s story began in 1966 in Saint Paul, when two entrepreneurs established a store specialising in hi-fi equipment and electronics. The store was initially called Sound of Music, and achieved phenomenal success during its first few years.

In the early 80s, product offer was significantly expanded, and the company changed its name to Best Buy in 1983.

There are now Best Buy stores in more than 1,000 locations, where customers can buy brand-name electronics as well as those from Best Buy’s own brands, like Dynex, Platinum, Insignia, and Magnolia Home Theater.

The company has been awarded several prizes, including Specialty Retailer of the Decade (2001) and Company of the Year (2004).

Best Buy Corporate Office Contacts.

If you are looking to get in touch with Best Buy’s headquarters in Minnesota, you can do so by sending a letter or by phone.

Best Buy Headquarters Phone Numbers:



Phone Line Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Standard Time)


Best Buy Headquarters Main Desk.

To reach  particular headquarters departments or an internal corporate team, please call on:



Best Buy Human Resources.
If you are an Best Buy employee and you need to contact the Best Buy HR Support Center then please call on:

+1-866-MY-BBY-HR (866-692-2947)


Best Buy Headquarters Address:

Best Buy Headquarters

7601 Penn Ave. S. Richfield,

MN, 55423


Best Buy Headquarters
The Best Buy Headquarters in in Richfield, Minnesota.

Best Buy Executive Team.

This is the full list of the key leaders at Best Buy.

  • Hubert Joly, Chairman & CEO
  • Shari Ballard, Senior Executive Vice President, President (U.S. Retail)
  • Corie Barry, Chief Financial Officer
  • Paula Baker, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Matt Furman, Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer
  • Mary Lou Kelly, President (E-Commerce)
  • Mike Mohan, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Keith Nelsen, General Counsel
  • Greg Revelle, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Asheesh Saksena, Chief Strategic Growth Officer
  • Trish Walker, President (Services)

Best Buy Board of Directors:

  • Hubert Joly, Chairman of the Board
  • J. Patrick Doyle
  • Lisa M. Caputo
  • Russell P. Fradin
  • Kahty J. Higgins
  • David W. Kenny
  • Karen McLoughlin
  • Thomas L. Millner
  • Claudia Fan Munce
  • Gerard R. Vittecoq

Best Buy Careers and Jobs.

Best Buy employs over 125,000 people and offers a variety of positions in both retail and corporate settings, including a training program for university graduates and opportunities for veterans.

You can explore the careers available at Best Buy by visiting this page. The company has dedicated career pages on various social media, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

How to Complain to Best Buy.

Any complaints can be directed to Best Buy’s Customer Service team, which is available by calling +1-866-758-1457, +1-888-237-8289, or +1-888-BEST-BUY.

If you prefer to get support via Twitter, you can address your complaint to @BestBuySupport. Messages are replied to from Monday to Friday 7am-11pm (CST), and from 10am-6pm on Weekends and on public holidays.

The Geek Squad.

If you have a product that needs repair or if you have a technical question, then the Best Buy Geek Squad can help you. You need to have bought a Geek Squad Protection Plan to get help for free, though. It costs $199.99 for a 1 year plan, but then you get 24/7 Support for up to 3 devices. Call 1-800-433-5778 or use the Geek Squad Live Chat fuction to get immediate help.

The Best Buy Forum.

If you have a problem or a question, then you might be able to find an answer at the Best Buy Forum. You can ask a question and search for previously answered questions in the archive. Company Social Media Representatives are also at hand to answer questions or reply to complaints, but please expect to wait 24 hours for an answer.

Other Best Buy Resources.

Scroll down to find Best Buy’s social media profiles, information about their Help Center and rewards program, and company sub-sites that may be of interest to journalists and investors.

Share your feedback, complaints as well as praise, on Best Buy, below.

Best Buy Headquarters
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12 Thoughts on “Best Buy Headquarters”

  • Have to wonder how these crooks sleep at night. What a terrible company to shop at poor customer service. Do yourself a favor add years to your life and just don’t shop at best buy. They have total disregard for their customers and have policies that are specifically designed to rip you off. Beware!!


  • I spent 2 hours last night cyber Monday on line trying to place an order for a cell phone. I was not able to add the item to the cart, tried unsuccessfully for the whole time. Asked for help numerous times and finally told the order had to be placed in the store. After spending all the time asking for help, it was too late to call a store. I tried calling stores this morning as well as customer service and complaint department for the Board of Directors. I am very upset how this is being handled and was told that there were many problems with online orders and the phone system last night. That is NOT my problem, that is Best Buys problem. I will not be overlooked and will talk to the MN office.


  • Thousands of dollars in purchased products, over a decade of business and now Best Buy ruined my daughter’s birthday. Spent $2,000 this time, ship date the same weekend 15th of October, no problem daughter’s birthday was the following Saturday. Noticed the status wasn’t updating, contacted best buy customer service online, the informed me the laptop would be delivered Monday, asked them to validate it was the Office 365 license card, they said it was the laptop. Told the daughter as she is out of state, she took the day off to make sure she was there for the delivery. Next thing two happenings: notification of delivery tracking number they provided, and email notification that my laptop was backordered and if not delivered by November I would get a refund. Needless to say my daughter and I were upset. Cancelled the order o so I thought refund in 5 to 7 business days, except for the 100 dollars for Trend micro download I never downloaded and the office 365 license that was delivered. Contacted them by phone after being bounced to multiple departments, going through multiple automated recordings and wait times to find out they will ship a return label for a piece of paper, refunded they get their paper back, and their system was being upgraded so no go o the digital download, call back in an hour. What amazes me is their inability to validate product status of the items you purchase when or before you purchase and the problematic way you get bounced between departments because their sales team can’t handle sales refunds. Best Buy does have good products, however only buy in the store face to face, do not purchase online. I am definitely angry about the way they treat loyal customers. Move over staples, Office depot


  • Scheduled a delivery of a wine refrigerator…on scheduled day and midway point in delivery window i was told the truck could not get onto my street…..funny, big moving trucks, large trash trucks and fire trucks can but not Best Buy truck I guess…rescheduled another date with a smaller truck waited for the 4 hour show…no call…spent the next hour on phone trying to see what happened….long hold times, no good answers….FINALLY over one hour after scheduled time they showed up…said they called me and no answer….but that was not true. I did not use my cell just to keep it open for the call..and there was NO missed call from them. wait times to speak with anyone in customer service for delivery is ridiculous….they DONT CARE. did get delivery and hopefully when my contractor unpacks it all will be good so I do not have to deal with Best Buy for a return!!!!!!!!!


  • I’m saddened that Best Buy Geek Squad does not do it best in resolution of their appliance extended warranty. I have waited since January 15, 2017 for a resolution to the delivery of a new Frigidaire Refrigerator due to a bad install by Best Buy 2 years ago.
    No one can find my case under the reference#1117023374016 that was given to me by your Geek Squad Special Services agent, Rick three weeks ago. Today has been an unnecessary ordeal for I have spent two hours on the telephone with 5 Best Buy representatives who often quoted “let me put you on a brief hold”. To no avail, I still don’t have confirmation of a date to receive my refrigerator.

    Frustrated and very angry with Best Buy because you are not honoring what you advertise.


  • I purchased a new Galaxy S7 at Best Buys on Baltimore Pike in Springfield PA on 1/28/2017. During the transfer of data from my S5 to S7 at purchase, the transfer took about 1 hr or more. I questioned why so long and received no explanation. Never had this length of time before and felt something was wrong or maybe the new service AT&T to Sprint was the problem. Anyway, I started having problems with my phone where the person on the other end couldn’t hear me. I went back to Best Buy and Robert the manager of cell phone area told me the Samsung tech just left for dinner. I ask about the next day and was told he’d be back in at 10 am with lunch at 3 pm. So I arrived at 1030 only to find out he didn’t start till 11 am and was late on top of that. So now the issue after spending another 45 minutes he placed a patch on the phone and felt this would fix it. I told him I wasn’t able to return to the store because I work 12 hour shift till Tuesday. He “Jim” the Samsung rep didn’t feel it would be a problem. Now, I continue to have the same problem and return to the store 2/14/17 and speak with Jim who for a hour researches the problem on line, plays with the phone and obviously didn’t know what to do. He spoke to another rep from AT&T and he said it sounded like the antenna. This is what I said from the get-go!. The excuses were maybe your accidently hitting the bluetooth off or an app I downloaded was causing the problem. So now can I get a new phone? Jim states I don’t think so it’s past the 15 day return policy. You’ll need to talk to the Geek squad people and see what they can do. So now furious, I ask to speak with a manager who wasn’t avail but the sales rep at Geek spoke to the stand in manager who referred to the cell phone manager Robert. Robert said there was nothing he can do and now I’ll need to go thru Samsung warranty and because I don’t have Geek squad coverage they can’t help me. However, if I have any shipping costs they could see about covering that. I am so disappointed with this establishment and have been a very long time customer. I asked for the corporate address and was given a number 1-866-best buy. In researching where to send a letter I found this site and needed to get this off my chest. I will never buy anything at this store again!


    • 2/16/2017 Still getting the run around! Best Buys says to go to Samsung – only problem I won’t have a phone if I return it to Samsung for repair for 7-10 days. Samsung says go to Sprint to get a loaner phone. Sprint says go to Samsung because we don’t do that. I paid $700 + tax for this phone not even a month old and it still doesn’t work correctly. Just tried Geek squad now waiting for a return call from the manager. Corporate hasn’t done anything. No response to my frustration!


  • I purchased headphones for $250 a year ago on a %0 deal. I got the first bill with a $25 minimum payment. I set bank to pay $25 each month with a balloon payment to pay it off at the end of the 0% period. Somewhere in the middle, Best Buy raised the minimum $2. I was on the road and insufficient late fees started accumulating. The service dept refused to remove the fees. I paid the the product off in full but refused to pay the late fees. I still get billed and it is up to $350! I called several times but got put on hold, or, got a service agent who refused to do anything. I used to buy all my computers and TVs at BB. I will NEVER EVER pay that bill, and NEVER EVER buy at Best Buy again.


  • Went to Best Buy Today to return a gift. Wanted to purchase a TV sound Bar. the salesperson was busy, so i waited. Wanted to hear the sound of the bar before i purchased it & more info than was on the package.
    When the salesperson finished with the customer, & he knew i was waiting for him. He helped another customer who just walked up to him. Told me he will help me when he got done, so i waited. He finished with the customer, and walked away. So I walked out of the store. The Store was empty with just a few people browsing.
    Will now try P C Richards. Store Was Located on Rt 9 Howell, NJ.
    Never to go Back there.


  • I had recently purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy. There was a scheduled day and time (with a 4 hour window) for them to deliver my merchandise. The delivery date, I did think, was out too far, but agreed to accept it. On the scheduled date of the delivery no one showed up during the agreed time window. I had to contact Best Buy as no one called me to say they were having an issue with delivery. (These people have no consideration for their customer) In my attempt to reach someone, which took a lot, I was given the run around … I finally spoke with someone and they didn’t have a clue as to what was going on with me delivery. This person (Austin) said he would contact the delivery company and find out what was going on. Well 30 minutes went by so I contacted the store back and ask to speak with a manager, Austin said he would have Yancy the department manager call me, and they would attempt to contact the delivery company. I finally received a call from the delivery company. I was told the delivery guys were being dispatched and that my delivery should be arriving. It’s now almost two hours past the original scheduled delivery window time, of 4 hours. My whole day is wasted and time off work is a nightmare.
    My whole day, my money and more money, for not being able to get to work were lost because of these people incompetence. Well when the delivery company finally arrived, the merchandise was severally damaged. The washer, in particular, was beyond useable. It had apparently been damaged by a fork lift or something … at least this is what the delivery guy was telling me. I contacted the store and spoke with the manager, Yancy, who offered no solutions what so ever. He was busy trying to get me to have the delivery guys’ hook up the washer and see if it works. We, meaning the delivery guys, had to practically scream at him that that the washer would probably leak and damage my floor if we were to try this. After not getting anywhere with his …. No solution. I terminated the call with Yancy, manager. I then turned around and called customer service or customer care. I spent over an hour trying to figure out when I can expect my washer and dryer … spoke with a representative name Diane who took don my issue, supposedly, and she indicated that a Yvette would be my personal care representative and would be contacting me quickly to help resolve the issue. To date, I haven’t heard from my care representative. I received an email from someone, no name attached. I tried calling this Yvette and instead spoke with another care rep, Royce. I had asked Royce to speak with a manager because he wasn’t really able to tell me anything. I had to ask him several times for a manager till finally hanging up. He indicated there wasn’t anyone available but that he could help. But all he was doing was wasting my time because he didn’t offer me anything. He wasn’t able to determine what the notes were from the previous care reps conversation. It’s like the blind leading the blind. I am totally frustrated speaking with anyone from Best Buy. I have determined through this situation, these people, BEST BUY< has no regard for its customers.
    At this point I request that Best Buy either deliver my merchandise or refund me my money. And I can go somewhere else, reliable, and purchase my washer and dryer. And given the circumstance if Best Buy does deliver my washer and dryer they should still refund me. It’s because the incompetence that I am out of an entire days of work and time spent trying to get these people to do the right thing. I’m surprised that Best Buy is in business with this type of service.


    • Timothy, We are going through a similar issue right now after purchasing a washer and dryer. So far, the washer is delivered and the dryer is out there somewhere, but no one seems to know where. All we are told is it wasn’t put on the truck for delivery. We have now been given the fourth date of expected delivery. This is done through emails, always at closing time so no return calls are answered. And the email will state this is a confirmation of change of delivery date as if it was agreed upon by us. Best Buy delivery is a nightmare. I agree that customer service is at the bottom of the Best Buy list of things to definitely take care of. We are about ready to tell them to take the washer back since the items were bought as a set. Time to change the store name to Worst Buy.



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