American Airlines Headquarters.

Complete guide to American Airlines’ Corporate Office. The guide includes phone number, address, and other contacts.

About American Airlines.

American Airlines was established as an air mail company in Chicago in 1926, although commercial operations did not begin until a decade later with a flight between New York and Chicago. International routes were established in 1945 and currently, AA serves over 300 destinations and operates more than 6,500 flights every day.

The company has been headquartered in Texas since 1979 and is currently in the process of expanding its headquarters. It is expected that the new headquarters will be operational by 2019.

American Airlines Corporate Office Contacts.

Contact American Arlines headquarters using the contact details listed below.

American Airlines Headquarters Phone Numbers.

American Airlines Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday (Central Time Zone)

American Airlines Headquarters Fax Number.

American Airlines Corporate Headquarters Address.
4333 Amon Carter Boulevard, MD 5675,
Fort Worth, Texas 76155

American Airlines Headquarters
The current American Airlines Corporate Headquarters in Fort Worth, near Dallas.
American Airlines is now building a new $350 million corporate campus on 300 acres west of Texas 360, nearby. The new four-building headquarters campus will be finished in January 2019 and will house about 5,000 AA employees. The headquarters will be named after Robert L. Crandall, the former CEO.

American Airlines Executive Team.

This is the full list of corporate leadership at American Airlines.

  • W. Douglas Parker, CEO
  • Robert D. Isom, Jr., President
  • Elise R. Eberwein, Executive Vice President (People and Communications)
  • Beverly K. Goulet, Executive Vice President & Chief Integration Officer
  • Maya Leibman, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Stephen L. Johnson, Executive Vice President (Corporate Affairs) & Assistant Secretary
  • Derek J. Kerr, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrew Nocella, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kurt Stache, Senior Vice President (Marketing & Loyalty)
  • Vasu Raja, Vice President (Network Planning)
  • Joe Mohan, Vice President (Alliances & Partnerships)

American Airlines Board of Directors:

  • W. Douglas Parker, Chairman of the Board
  • James F. Albaugh
  • Jeffrey D. Benjamin
  • John T. Cahill
  • Michael J. Embler
  • Matthew J. Hart
  • Alberto Ibargüen
  • Richard C. Kraemer
  • Susan D. Kronick
  • Martin H. Nesbitt
  • Denise M. O’Leary
  • W. Douglas Parker
  • Ray M. Robinson
  • Richard P. Schifter

American Airlines Careers and Jobs.

American Airlines employs over 110,000 people worldwide. Visit their careers site to view airport jobs, vacancies in technical and maintenance occupations, and professional job openings in PR, finance, sales, marketing, IT, governance, engineering, PR, legal, etc.

College graduates can browse job openings here, or learn about the internships at American Airlines’ MBA Leadership Program here.

How to complain to American Airlines.

To complain to American Airlines, use the toll-free AA Customer Service number 1-800-433-7300. Spanish language operators can be found on 1-800-633-3711. Members of the AAdvantage program can call 1-800-882-8880. For problems with the AA website, call AA Technical Support on 1-800-222-2377 .

If you don’t want to be on the phone, then AA complaints, issues or questions can be handled via the American Airlines Email Form. Choose your subject, i.e missing bags, customer relations, vacations, then enter your contact information and detail your issue or question.

The Twitter handle @AmericanAir can also be used to make a complaint. You can find the Twitter Support page here. This Twitter page is very active and you can expect an answer for simple questions in minutes.

You can use the following mailing address to raise concerns or send complaints in writing:

P.O. Box 619616, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261-9616


Customer Relations Team
American Airlines Customer Relations
4000 E. Sky Harbor Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85034.

For international contact numbers, please see our American Airlines customer service page.

Other American Airlines Resources.

Below is an extensive list of additional resources that you can use to get in touch or learn more about American Airlines and its operations.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about American Airlines in the comment section.

American Airlines Headquarters
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  • I also forgot to mention I went to Barbados in 2015 for another event by AA of course, came back and flew up to Calgary, Canada for my cousin’s funeral, never got my luggage; I flew AA from Boston to Chicago on October 31 and connected with United to Calgary……..Flew back from Calgary to Chicago on United connecting to AA from Chicago to Boston on November 3rd. Now American was saying United had the bags and they would deliver them to the house……United was saying AA had the bags and would deliver them to the house. The bags were never delivered, had to wear the same clothes throughout the whole trip but the interesting thing was when I got back to Chicago, my bags were right there at AA, never got on to the connecting flight…….I then had to pay to mail back the items I had for my family to Calgary; these things aren’t right and need immediate attention.


  • Since Pan Am I have flew with AA on all my trips back & forth to Barbados; I am not one to complain even though I may have many reasons to but after my last trip I have no other choice but to and will not be ok until I say something. My flight from Boston on July 6 was suppose to leave at 6:am, the flight was delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight to Barbados; no reason was given and no one said anything as to why the flight was delayed. I never got to Barbados until about 10:pm that night compare to 2:pm. I left Barbados on July 17 at about 3:45 pm to reach Boston about midnight that same night and I never got to Boston until about 2:pm the next day. The folks who were working with the wheelchairs were very slothful and non professional causing me to miss my connecting flight and by the way, there is not enough time in that Miami Airport for international connections, having to clear customs etc. I was given a voucher to stay at the Double Tree Hotel, some people got vouchers to buy food but I did not get any. They had put me on a 6:56 flight on the 18th to Boston only to hear when I got to the airport that that flight was cancelled and I knew nothing about it. I was so totally frustrated at this point, I wanted to screamed but tears came to my eyes because I needed to get home to meet my mom coming home from respite care. They told me I would either have to go on stand by or wait for the 5:45 pm flight as though I did not have a choice in the matter. They found a seat for me for me on the 8:45 am flight but it was a down grade because I was first class back and forth. The plane was stuck on the runway over an hour for whatever reason causing yet another late flight. Thank God for travelling mercies; I understand things happen and they will continue to but I still want to be treated like a human being and with respect. I love flying with AA but this was a bit too much. In 2013 I bought a ticket to take my mom to Barbados for her niece’s funeral but she was unable to go due to her being ill; of course I don’t expect AA to say “o your mom did not make the flight so here’s your money back.” I never contested it but I am now, I don’t have $500.00 to give away like that. Again, I was to attend a wedding in Indianapolis in 2016, and once again my mom ended up in the hospital so I had to cancel; another $300.00 down the drain. Now I think for all this I need some kind of recompence, I will leave it up to your good conscience to decide, I look forward to hearing from you asap, thank you.



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