Amazon Customer Service Phone Numbers.

Amazon’s customer service is no longer completely automated. You can now reach a real person through live chat, email or on the phone.

If you use the email form, you will also get an option for the company to call you back in 5 minutes on your home number. Order tracking, payment accounts and delivery address management is still automated though your Amazon account, however.

Amazon’s main customer service phone number for the U.S. or Canada is 1-866-216-1072.
The average wait is 4 minutes.
The customer care line is open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.
TIP: When you call Amazon, don’t press or say anything OR press 0.

Amazon also has an online automated system set up, which can be found at the official  Help Page. Scroll down the page and hover over “Need More Help?” for more options. Click on “Contact Us” to fill in the email form.

Amazon Email Form Customer Service.

Amazon has an comprehensive online email complaint and help service at Contact Us. Choose your category, answer a few questions, and the option to email or chat with customer service, or preferably, have the company call you on your home or mobile number.

Click the “Call me now” button to talk to a customer service associate. You can also choose to have them call you in 5 minutes.

For International customers, call: 1-206-266-2992 – charges may apply.

Amazon Customer Live Chat.

Actually Amazon does provide this service at their US website in the Contact Us section. Choose your category and issue and you will arrive at the ‘Chat’ option.

It just isn’t available in all countries, though.

Other Amazon Customer Service Numbers.

Automated Amazon Customer Service: 1-888-280-3321

Amazon Toll Free Customer Service number (alternative): 1-888-280-4364

Amazon Customer Service Email Contact:

Amazon Kindle Support Phone Number: 1-866-321-8851

Amazon AWS Support: AWS Support does not have a phone number. To speak with AWS Support over the phone, sign in to your AWS account, create a case in the Support Center, and choose the ‘Phone’ contact option.

Amazon Customer Care number for International customers: 1-206-266-2992. Charges may apply.

Amazon Canadian Customer Service: 1-877-586-3230

Amazon United Kingdom Customer Service Number: 0800 496 1081

Amazon India Amazon Customer Numbers:

Amazon India Customer Care Number: 022-30430101

Amazon India Toll Free Number: 1-800-30009009

Amazon India Business Services Customer Number: 1-800-419-7355

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Amazon Customer Service Phone Number
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18 Thoughts on “Amazon Customer Service Phone Number”

  • My order 112-1404994-4484 was placed July 4th.

    I specifically chose the item because it said there were 3 or 4 left to be able to have delivered FRIDAY July 7.
    Now I find this is NOT SO alhough Ido not know why. What must I do to get item soon as possible?

    I use Email as hearing impaired due to stroke.


  • “account has been locked—a message was left but I did not get it”

    I am trying to respond to “account specialist”–to unlock my account
    my new address is 6 winter hill rd. derry. n.h. 03038

    thanks. tom


  • I’m being charged again for something that I returned over 3 months ago using amazon return service and I’m unable to access the tracking number to confirm whether it was delivered or not.
    I’m only allowed to check return for the past 2 months !!! The shirt was returned in December again following Amazon’s rules and return service.
    I need to be able to file a claim with UPS if they lost my package, I can’t be hold responsible without any way to file a claim with the faulty carrier.

    Please provide the access to the tracking information and proof the package has not been delivered.


  • I will not use Amazon for anything as long as Donald Trump is in office and possibly never again. I have cleared my lists and deleted all my reviews.


  • i have bought sony xperia xa dual. I want to return it because in the sony xperia xa dual the charge point is not working. i have tried return option but not support.itS telling that YOU NEED tech support.but i went to near amazon office and the boy cannot do return. can u help. Its a waste,so don’t buy the any electronic device because there is no return option. please try in other websites.


  • My most recent encounter with the customer service representative, and her supervisor, was awful! The first one I spoke with was unable to speak clearly, very broken English, tried to combine a call with UPS and when she went to connect us the UPS lady said the customer service rep didn’t say what she had actually said. Requested to speak with a manager, none available of course. A supervisor came on she was totally scripted, no, no can’t help, no unable to do that. Had no viable explanation at all. UPS told me there was no name on my package. I ask why my name wasn’t on my package, she says cause you didn’t put it in. How much sense does that make? I can’t even change the name if I wanted to let alone not put a name in! I asked to speak with her manager, she laughs and says she can’t give that number…….what? Who does this? I want to talk to someone that can do more than read “NO” and I “CAN’T/WONT” help, off of a page. Is it too much to ask for someone else that you can understand? So very frustrated.


  • I just got off the phone after over 30 mins. To try and find out how to share a book to the kindle that I bought my mom, the girl could not help me, she was located in the Phillipines, hard to understand, I am sure there are people in the good Old United States that would love to have a job, instead of you out sourcing out of the country. Still didn’t get a good response. Frustrated.


    • Linda, thanks for writing this review as I feel the same way! It has taken me 1/2 an hour to find a phone number just to reach Customer Service! Just should not be this difficult! I finally GOGGLED IT! UGH!


  • Hi Amazon! I just want to say a big “THANK YOU!” for the new inclusive ads on TV. I noticed you had an ad that featured friendship between a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew. Our country really needs to see ads like yours, especially at this time. Please keep up the good work, I am a Prime member and have always loved shopping with you, and now I have another reason to be an even bigger fan. Big HUGS and a Happy New Year!


  • Hello. My name is Ayleen Medina Madrid, I am honduran and I bought the Toefl test and GTA books since february 2016 and I havent received my package. Would you please let me know the track of the package?


  • I’m investing with a broker company for a website with Amazon the company has not furnished any credentials how would I find it it legit company called S 5 solutions LLC. They are from Mesa Arizona. They would give me a go Daddy website advertise for me put me high in Google ranking I need to know if this company has a relationship with Amazon


  • We are planning to use Amazon Kindle service. We want to publish a monthly book review (and link to book sales in Amazon). For this we need to know the process, data structure, data feed criteria, timing etc. Who can I contact for these details.
    Thanks Athol


  • Respected Sir,
    I have placed order on dated 25/11/2016 worth of Rs 2578/-
    Sir, I have cancelled 2nd order due to wrong size shoes ordered but due to some unknown miscommunication,my both orders have been cancelled.
    So please look into this matter and kindly make it a point to deliver my 1st order as soon as possible.
    Thanks and Regards,



    • Swapnil, you need to contact Amazon India’s customer service directly, for help with your order. The Amazon India Customer Service phone numbers are: 1800-3000-9009 (All except BSNL/MTNL), 022-30430101 (BSNL/ MTNL ) or 08041970000 (All operators).


  • Hi my name is Juan E Pena, my e-mail is [BLOCKED]
    I got and e-mail from Amazon Buyer protection case ID#7534238312
    Everything looks good but. It’s asking me to pay with Green Dot Prepaid Cards Visa or MasterCard
    Unregistered. I was going to pay with my Debit Card. I have a question: Does Amazon handle transactions or acts like a middle man on a sale or a vehicle? Please can you guys verify this transaction.



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